General Information

-The works displayed here are not for sale. Usually customized work won't be accepted, although occasionally an exeption is made when a project is considered challenging.

-The parcels listed on the rentals page are available for sale or rent. Click on any picture to teleport yourself to its destination.


Information about land sales and rentals:

-Note that there is a difference between buying and renting land. Inform yourself well to avoid unnecessary costs.

-When you are going to buy land you will have to purchase it through the about land menu. It will transfer to your name and you will be paying a monthly tier fee directly to the Lab, depending on the amount of meters.

-When you wish to rent the parcel we will transfer it to a group meant for your rental purpose only. Within this group you will have all the rights to manage both the land and group. You don't have to purchase the land when you wish to rent it.

-The prices mentioned on the pictures of the land page are refering to the rental costs. Actual purchase prices can be found inworld in the about land menu, the general tab.

-Rental payments will go through a centralized kiosk located at the office in Varney after the land is prepared for you.

-We don't interfere with your land during the rent. It is very simple, your land your rules. You are responsible for your own behavior and are advised to act within the TOS.

-When your rental is expired you will be notified. If you don't react the land will be taken from the group, you will be ejected and the parcel will be available again for others.

-Some of the parcels are decorated. You are free to either keep the objects on your land or to return them.